Here is a list of peeps I love to work with:



Julia Hörl - flowers, flowers, flowers - arranged in the most beautiful way!
Petra Müller Blumen - this woman is flower power and lots of fun!

Wedding Planner:

Doreen Winking Weddings - she's the best when it comes to wedding coordination!
Feste feiern - wedding planners @ Tegernsee
Hochzeitskonzept - the two lovely ladies Kerrin & Friederike
Jeannette Conrad / Prime Moments - Deutschland, Österreich & Coté d'Azur
Oui-Weddings / Maja von Schmeling - mit ihr war ich schon in der Türkei

Hair & Make Up:
Amory Uhlmann - perfected brides hair & make up!
Zuzanna Grabias - a wonderful hair & make-up artist
Felicitas Brunner - She can do magic with hair & make up!

Heike Krohz - sweet, amazing and DELICIOUS!

Sonja Bührke - Die exklusiven Einladungskarten - Amazing stationary that I call ART

Carmencita Film Lab - MY LAB!

Film Is Not Dead - THE workshop you want to take.


Belle Julie - amazing accessories for the brides hair!




Mojo Pin - Live Music at it's best, Jazz, R'n'B, Pop - rearranged


Geschwister Schall - Menschen. Töne. Sensationen.

DJ Thomas - wedding music to dance to

Karina Buddensiek - clean, straight, BEAUTIFUL design!


pure baby - baby- and family photography

Elfenkleid - I just love their style.